My name is Mei. I was born in World Lee Command Center, the worst prison in the world. My people have been here for thousands of years. As a baby I was never told who my Father was. I was taught at a young age to care for and to fend for myself. I was consistently beaten into fear. I could never trust another person after experiencing the things had seen. All I seen was brokenness and pain, but I was told this was normal. I wasn’t fed the proper nutrition. So when I got something I kept it for myself. My selfish ways were a product of my environment. When I was a teenager I met someone who I thought was kind, a trait you don’t find to often here. We got to know each other a little and became comfortable. One day we were talking about our dreams and I decided to show off my secret chocolate collection, my heart and treasure. The next morning I woke up to a loud bang. I was betrayed. They had snuck into my cell in the middle of the night and stole majority of my chocolate and reported me for the rest. I was sent to solitary. I was beaten unconscious and stabbed between my ribs. 

When I was a little further into my teens I learned to fit in. Obviously I didn’t trust anybody, but I definitely didn’t want to stand out. Standing out around here made you an easy target for the guards and the prisoners. They taught us how to be obedient. You would be shamed for being unique. I had to consistently lie and watch my back. I had to hide a lot of things. It was like I was wearing a mask. The only time I felt like I could take it off was in the darkness of my cell. 

When I was a young adult I was use to the way things went. The most valuable commodity was water. It was scarce. One day Alex came to me and offered to share some water with me. I guess my dehydration was evident. I didn’t trust it, but man was I thirsty. So I accepted it. From that day on we shared water. If one day Alex needed more I would share and vice versa.  I had known Alex for a while now. Alex being a shy and quiet one never really said much, but we grew close. I grew to trust Alex. 

One day, they were playing that horrible music they played everyday throughout the prison. It was to make the prisoners disillusioned, angry, violent, emotional, distracted, unloving, and desensitized. It was blasting loud and I seen something I’ve never seen before. I seen a man like no other. He was glowing, unbroken, radiant, joyful, happy, peaceful, and upright. He couldn’t be from here. We’ve had visitors before , but this was different. He looked like a normal man, but acted totally different. I had to find out. I was willing to stand out and step out of line. I ran over to him and asked where did he come from. He told me he was from here, but he had been outside of the prison. He said, “the water you drink you will thirst again, but the water I shall give you, you will never thirst again.” He handed me a cup and walked away. I took it to my cell and noticed there was a key at the bottom of the cup. For days I contemplated my escape, I knew there was more to life. One night I decided to make my escape. In the dead of the night I escaped the prison walls. For the first time in my life I felt so free, liberated, and full of life. It was the most amazing experience ever. It was life and life abundantly. 

After a few days I thought of Alex and how much this would mean to a person that has never experienced life and has never had hope. If you escaped the worst prison in the world, would you go back to save someone you loved?

That’s just what God has called us to do!

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  • Such a strong message and story. Thank you for sharing.

    Lucy Brown

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